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  • I Want to Meet a Man
  • My Age is 30
  • My Country is United States
  • I Live in
  • My Bodytype is Average
  • My Ethnicity is Caucasian

Personal Information

Uhm not quite sure what to say here, really don't like talking about myself..> But ill just start with what im looknig for and why im here and we can take it from there..
If i were to date a man he really must have a fun personality no serious who dont know how to laugh for me… Life is serious enough so don't need any more of that!
And a definite plus for me would be a man who can be romantic for no special reason.. FOR NO SPECIAL REASON!!! Lol that last part always get guys.. They never do anything romantic without a reason.. They fucked up and need to make something right, they trying to get in ur pants… whatever it always boils down to something like that!
So yeah a friendly and funny guy but whatever happens the most important thing is chemistry.. If there aint not chemistry it aint gonna work hun sorry…. xxx