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  • I Want to Meet a Man
  • My Age is 30
  • My Country is United States
  • I Live in Ashburn
  • My Bodytype is Average
  • My Ethnicity is Middleeastern

Personal Information


My name is Leta and I was born in the middle-east (iran). My father moved here when he was about 38 and I've essentially lived hgere all my existence. I've come to some point in my own life where I'd truly need to meet the appropriate guy and build up something meaningfull. I'm not a woman to visit clubs or something and I analyze a lot , therefore I tend not to meet lots of lads.

That also means that I don't actually have a taste in regards to appearances as I believe actual attractiveness is inside. One thing I do understand is that you should never mind my geekyness 😀
Because yes I do consider myself to be a little dweeb 😀

Okay well I believe this can be all I've to say for now. Send me an email when I'm on the web so we can speak.