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  • I Want to Meet a Man
  • My Age is 36
  • My Country is United States
  • I Live in Ashburn
  • My Bodytype is Athletic
  • My Ethnicity is Caucasian

Personal Information

I have been married for about 5 years now. and as of the last couple o years hes alwasy gone and always busy. the love is still there but well..i need a little fun and excitement in my life. I think i am way to young to have a meaningless sex life. i am 36 yo and still very fit and happy with my body.. Very sensual but yeah if your man comes home poooped after a hard days work i can understand that he dont want to have sex… but come on this aint right anymore.
So i am not looking for like a hardcore thing or something serious or whatever… just a casual fling with a clean std free male.
maybe we can do some phone sex cause I really like dirty talk.. Dont want to meet up to soon cause i dont know what kinds of guys I will attract here..
just want some a sort of dirty friend whom I can call when im fiending for it..