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  • My Age is 33
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  • My Bodytype is Busty
  • My Ethnicity is Caucasian

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I am a happily married woman, living in a public lime light and with a reputation to keep. Unfortunately that keeps me from the things that I lust for… a hot cock fucking my brains out non stop! So what are my options? Well a discrete sexual relationship with 1 steady lover is the best option for me. And after having thought about it for months now I decided to take the plunge. I just could not contain my fantasies lurking inside! I am seeking a mascular man who takes care of his body just like I do. Fit, can last for hours and hours of sex, and someone with a big cock that will satisfy my pussy hole! Send me a message along with pics showing your face, body and cock. Must be DD free. Bring proof and we'll do it raw! Just the way I like it! If I like you, I'll send you a message on how, when and where we can meet.