Lust4Passion's Profile Page

  • I Want to Meet a Man
  • My Age is 46
  • My Country is United States
  • I Live in Ashburn
  • My Bodytype is Slim
  • My Ethnicity is Mixed

Personal Information

Hello Gentlemen!
Let get this straight right away; I am not looking for only sex. Oh and I don't need a sugar daddy neither, nor do I need some horny guy without any personality.
What I want is a guy that can make me laugh AND stimulate my brain at the same times.
Must be an amazing kisser though that really is an absolute MUST.
I know that there are men out there out there that can give me butterflies in my stomach again. That type of man that can make me feel that same feeling I felt when I first met my husband years ago.
That spark, that passion, that lust….That is what I am really missing for and looking for everywhere..