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  • I Want to Meet a Man
  • My Age is 39
  • My Country is United States
  • I Live in Ashburn
  • My Bodytype is Slim
  • My Ethnicity is Caucasian

Personal Information

Well I want to get straight to the stage here!
I 'm looking for guy which are really gifted in the skill of Cunnilingus!!
I 've never had a suitable licking before and the lovers I 'd where not just great at it.. So instead of going on dates and beginning relationshiips again I figured it'd be best if I only went after the thing I actually need.
Which will be licked like there no tomorrow..
Only this kind of turn to observe a guy put in his work between my legs…

Oh and I 'll refund the favor tenfold, don't you worry abou that!

Expect to learn from you guys shortly!